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Welcome to Universal Talent Beauty Academy School Of Cosmetology


Fashion Style

About Virani's

Ramzan Virani founder and Executive Director of Universal Talent Beauty, and Universal Beauty Salon & Spa, Universal Talent Beauty Academy's ultimate goal is to provide quality education with technique to our students in theory and practical for their beauty career and prepare for professional license. Universal Beauty Salon & Spa offers a complete line of beauty & spa services in Atlanta. Our style specialists are highly trained and have extensive experience with the latest beauty trends. We strive to bring you modern concepts and twists on the classics by paying close attention to current trends and technique. Whether you want your regular treatment or to try something new, they will guide you to choosing a look that best suits you. We are proud to use top of the line products for all of our services. You will also find a wide range of quality products available for purchase in our salon & spa’s. Come in today and let our stylist enhance your current look or create something totally new and daring.

The UTBA School Mission is our promise to students. In return for their personal satisfaction, dedication and creative energy we will help them realize their dream, a fulfilling career and skill in our School Academy of the Beauty and Fashion industry. We train our students and Instructors in the time-tested skills of Cosmetology, Esthetics ,Modeling and Acting as well as innovations in their chosen field. However, we understand that career achievement is as much about character as it is skill. Beginning day one, we challenge students to become true professionals. We model our school codes of conduct and professional expectations students will encounter in their future jobs. At the same time, we recognize they are students, and professionalism takes time, patience and our support to develop.


Cosmetology & Makeup

This unique and hands on makeup course is designed for those who are wanting to pursue a career in the Entertainment and Film Industry doing makeup and special effects. Here at the UTBA School you will learn the techniques, skills and the business behind being a professional makeup artist, by artist for a movie and fashion industry Makeup department. The UTBA School’s mission is to provide outstanding cosmetology,esthetician, and instructor education, and to ensure that all of our graduates will be successful in their field of study in this beauty industry.

Manicure & Pedicure

In nail technician school, you can get hands-on training in nails from instructors with professional experience; complete your state’s requirements for your nail tech license on an efficient timeline; learn a broad range of manicure, pedicure, and nail artistry services that you can apply to a wide variety of nail tech roles.

Modeling & Acting

The Acting and Modeling program is a series of classes that are designed to give the students a strong foundation in modeling techniques, bring confidence, body language, help develop their personality, industry knowledge, and the ability to perform comfortably on the runway and in-front of the camera and we create your platform. The inspiration behind the UTBA curriculum comes from a collection of knowledge from the industry’s leading agencies, and camera men.


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